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    WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE LAUNCH OF TWO ORGANIC FOODS - Organic Coconut Oil 500 ML & Organic Flaxseed 100 Gram...
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  • Wellness Teas

    ORGANIC INDIA offers True Wellness Blends! Specific tea masterfully blends Tulsi-Holy Basil with other herbs to offer distinct benefits that support and promote your True Wellness...
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  • Organic Foods

    ORGANIC INDIA offers certified Organic Foods & Powders...
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**Explore exciting NAVARATRI OFFERS on 13th OCT - 23rd OCT**................... **Launching Organic India Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500 ML** A Highest Quality, Best Tasting, Ultra Healthy & Pure Organic Coconut Oil**
Navratri Offers ENJOY! Discount Offers from 13th OCT - 23rd OCT on Organic Tea's, Food's & Health Supplements